Digital TV

The Assignment:

In the spring of 2015, Spark was selected to partner in the nationwide roll-out of Digital TV in the Kyrgyz Republic. We’re proud to have been involved in this step in the development of media throughout the country.


Wide audience – the mark had to communicate in two languages equally well, and appeal to both urban and rural populations

Complex simplicity – the logo needed to encapsulate progress and the future, be clearly about TV/technology, while still being easily recognisable by the target audiences, and last but not least, be simple


The final mark is compact (ideal for social media) and stands out from the crowd. The bold line suggests cables/data, the rising angle of the line represents progress, with the loop forming a TV screen that can be used to highlight images, phrases or facts in marketing materials.

We worked with the advertising agency to develop brand guidelines and a range of templates for billboards and print media so that other local agencies could rapidly produce the wide range of media required to promote nationally.

Branding & Identity Projects: